We noticed that our community also needs some kind of netiquette, a little guide which should help you to associate with others easier. You don’t like every user, that’s normal, that’s good. Nevertheless, we ask you to be polite.

Disputations and discussions happen on a daily basis, they can happen, they can be looked after and sometimes they are even necessary. But we ask you to desist from becoming offending or insulting. Each person has different opinions and attitudes – please respect that. Discrimination of every kind is strictly unwanted.

The passing on of solutions is explicitly treated in our FAQ, unfortunately, we are not able to prevent it. Because there are many teams which work together as a team, we ask you to accept them as a team. There’s no better or worse team – the whistle-blowing of solutions isn’t allowed.

The solutions which are accidentally written in the comments, will be *CENSORED* in red. This also appears in the chat and it was a necessary feature to keep the puzzling exciting.

Naming solutions in the chat is PROHIBITED. In this case, we ask the users to get active and delete it. Solutions, which are written underneath other puzzles and garages and with this, have not been “CENSORED” will be immediately deleted by an admin.

In the meantime, there are always admins or helpers online who watch out for rude behavior will note it down and pass it on. On a repeated basis of non-compliance, the user will be requested to change his or her behavior. If the user does not change his attitude, the operator of this side reserves the right to delete and block the user.

This website is expected to be fun, it’s completely accessible and interactively designable for every user.