How does HackMigo work?

You are cold, you are bored and you want to rack your brain?
Don’t waste any time and test your knowledge.

Is HackMigo for free?

Yes, of course! is free of charges and it will stay free! If you like our website and you want to support us just get in touch with us.

What’s HackMigo?

HackMigo is an interactive puzzle community. There are challenges on HackMigo, which will be created by the operators in irregular gaps. The riddles can't be simple solved with Google or Wiki. So think around the corner and maybe you master the hardest puzzles in the world.

Am I allowed to pass on solutions?

Please be fair and do not reveal solutions to the puzzles. Therefore, each user has the chance to become the best Hackmigo.

Help! This puzzle is unsolvable!

A puzzle seems to be unsolvable? Read the comments underneath the puzzle. This may help you solve the riddle.

My solution is 100 % correct, but won’t take it!?

Never quail, admins and helpers can find the grail! Send us your solution in a private message and we will check it for you.

Am I able to interact with other users?

Yes, of course you are able to communicate with others. On HackMigo, you can set up your own profile. On your profile, each user can leave you a message. Of course, you are also able to see your friends, upload photos and much more.

Am I allowed to use puzzles of for my own purposes

No, you are not. The puzzles are property of, they can only be permitted with the operator’s agreement of this website.

Why am I not able to log in?

Please ensure the upper and lower case letters in your password. If you forgotten your password, click HERE.